injection to prevent heat cycle

Tia is not yet spayed, so she had a shot that prevents her from coming into heatit lasts for about 5 months i don`t know the name of the injection she was given.Has anybody else ever had this for their dog?
i`ve heard its not good for the long term and that there are some side effects, hence we`ll be spaying shortly.

Asked by Tia on Dec 15th 2012 in Spaying & Neutering
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I'm not sure if this is the same drug that used to be available in the USA, but if it is, be VERY WATCHFUL!! The major problem seemed to be pyometria, which is an infection within the uterus. It can be closed or open, open she will have a smelly, tomato soup-like discharge and you will know something is wrong but when it is closed the main symptoms are fever, lethargy and loss of appetite. You may notice swelling of her abdomen.
IF she gets this, you will want to contact your veterinarian immediately as it can easily be fatal without prompt treatment.
If she were mine, I would spay her as soon as possible.

Member 641257 answered on 12/15/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer