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I wasn't asking how to teach a dog not to pull, or anything remotely related to training. I meant what I said. I'm dogsitting a Boxer for a friend, the only collar he has is a choker (Not that I truly agree with using one) and he only wears it when I have him out.
He's slipped out of his collar twice, once was when he was on one of those zip-line things (not unattended mind you) and once while I was walking him.
I don't have a slightest idea how a Boxer of all things (with that big blocky head) could manage to slip a choker. It doesn't hurt him to slip it, he lives outdoors and doesn't run away when loose (not that I truly agree with that either) I don't plan on telling my friend to get him a better collar or anything, I was just asking out of curiosity.

Asked by Bailey on Sep 22nd 2009 in Collars & Leashes
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I again recommend the Gentle Leader Head Collar.

Jet answered on 9/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


About the only collar that won't fall off of dogs like him is a martingale or greyhound collar. They have an additional "loup" of either chain or fabric and that part tightens when he tries to pull back, otherwise it is just plain snug or even slightly loose around his neck. They are great because unlike the chain which can hang him IF he doesn't get it off (but you do know that anyway), this one will only tighten enough to prevent him from slipping out of it.
I would expect that he is smart enough and has figured out that if he puts his head down the choke collar is loose and will slip right over his head!!! Bosers are pretty smart that way!!!!

B.J., CGC answered on 9/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Your original question didn't make it clear it was happening on lead or tethered, which is why my answer suggested not using it when he wasn't on lead. .

Since it is, it may be too big. That can be a problem. The next smaller size may not go over his head. This is a problem I see with Labs and their heads. The smallest one that will go on is too big once on.

You could try putting a key ring or something through the free end of it so it limits how much of it can go back through. Thus, it won't expand enough to go over the head.

Aster answered on 9/22/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


You can use another collar til they get back.
If he slips it then it is because he needs to be on the the other ring, the dead ring keeps it loose.
Also the collar should be up towards the head, if it isn't then this is a sign the collar is too big.
Tell your friend the collar is too big and that he could be endanger of slipping and being hit by a car. That way you are giving an example how dangerous the collar is.
Also choke collars are not to be left on all the time.
A harness for any bulldog is the best option, or there is two on the market harness collars that have a loop on the chest for control so the dog can not pull.

Dieta answered on 9/23/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer