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If your puppy has worms how many doses of the deworming pill are they likely to have to take before they are worm free?

Asked by Wee Wee Herman on Jan 7th 2013 Tagged worms, vet in Puppies
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Depends on what you are using for a wormer and what kind of worms you are dealing with. Prescription wormers from your vet will usually work with two doses, BUT the main difference is that the vet does a fecal exam and finds out what worms your dog has, THEN uses the correct wormer for those worms.
OTC wormers CAN work, but unless you know what worms your dog has, you may or may not chose the right one... you may possibly see roundworms (they look like spaghetti) or tape worms (look like dried rice), but ALL others will not be visible to the naked eye, you need a specially prepared sample of stool examined under a microscope to see the eggs, which is done at the vets.
Soo, the answer depends. IF you have chosen the right wormer for the worms your dog has, it will usually only take two doses, usually about two weeks apart, but if you have the wrong wormer they won't go away with twenty doses.

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