if a dog gets leg cramps, does that mean they are lacking something?

Asked by Member 969000 on Feb 27th 2010 in Alternative Treatments
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It could mean there's something else going on entirely.

It's not that common that dogs get true leg cramps. It definitely does happen. But often the symptoms of what looks like "cramping" (the dog holding the leg, the leg shaking, twitching or going out from under the dog) is something completely different. There can be anything going on from pinched nerves to spinal compression to hip dysplasia to small, isolated seizures. Foot issues can even cause the appearance of a leg cramp.

I'd suggest a vet visit to make sure to rule out anything other than simple cramping before you assume that's what it is.

Your vet can do a blood panel to make sure she doesn't have low calcium or other minerals that might contribute to cramping.

And if it turns out to be cramps, then they can probably show you some good massage techniques to help alleviate them and also prevent them.

Jack answered on 2/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


There is a condition called Pano.
This is a phantom pain that is really unexplained at times in puppies. I think it is common in large breed puppies.
But, if your dog is an adult it could mean other things.
Get a vet to x ray the leg or whatever is bothering the dog to see what is going on.
If it is an orthopedic problem it will show up in a radiograph.
It is the muscles or tendon it will be something the vet could evaulate with his hands.
It won't be a diet problem
good luck.

Dieta answered on 2/28/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer