I work third shift. Will it be okay to put my lab on a tie in the back yard while I sleep about six hours?

Asked by Member 1144921 on Dec 12th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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I wouldn't. During that time, your dog could accidentally choke himself or be attacked by another animal without anyone there to protect him (or the ability to run away). You might have a friend take him or her for a walk while you sleep, arrange to take him to day care a couple of days each week, or fence in the yard and put in a dog door so he can go in or out as needed. Those options will require an investment, but you'll both be safer and happier.

Best of luck!

Libby answered on 12/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


thats along time he not good in the house?..if not i guess as long as the weather and food and water supply are there..but 6 hrs is a long time to be can cause alot of behaveral problems due to lonliness and boredom...he would be much happier with you and chances are he would not interupt your sleep..he would be content knowing your there

tessa answered on 12/12/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


I wouldnt reccomend a tie, but a kennel would be suitible, al long as he has food, water, and either a doghouse, or about 1/3 of the kennel tarped to protect from weather. i would also reccomend putting a kong chew or bone in the kennel with him to stimulate his mind while you sleep. have several chews and/or puzzle toys and chews in with him. hope this helped, best regards :)

Rain answered on 12/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer