i want to get into therapy work with my dog, but first i need some help.

Ok, i did do some research, and i found out that we need to get the CGC out of the way first. i dont have the money for it, however, and i was wondering, is there some kind of financial aid or sponsorship program? how do you get it? what is the aga limit for people and dogs? if you are underage, can you be the dogs handler if an adult is present? can your dog still participate if he has minor back problems? where do you go to get the actual therapy testing? is the therapy work always local? if not, how far does it go out to? if you are thouroughlly invonled in this feild of work and would be willing to guide me through my journey, please, don't hesitate to pawmail me. All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you for your concern! :)

Asked by Rocket on Dec 14th 2012 Tagged needhelpandguidencewiththerapywok in Laws & Legislation
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