I think that my new puppy hates me.

We recently adopted a puppy from a shelter as a family companion and playmate for our other dog. We picked this pup because of how quickly they got along and how well they played. Once we got him home,all he wants to do is lay on the couch and won't play with his people or his sister. This is what gets me. We decided yesterday that he was old enough to accompany his sister to the dog park and he was just the bell of the ball! He made friends with big dogs, small dogs, adults, children. But as soon as we get home, it's back to sleeping, shaking, being a bump on a log. I don't have any desire to get rid of Brock. I love him and I'm willing to spend as much time and energy as it takes to get him happy and comfortable in our family. But then I got to thinking, maybe that's just being selfish. Perhaps Brock legitimately does not enjoy me or Aria and would be happier with any other loving family. He is an adorable puppy and I know of two different families that would like to have him.

Asked by Member 1143721 on Dec 5th 2012 Tagged puppy, lazy, playing, socialization, adoption in Bringing Your Pet Home
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You say your dog is a "puppy", but not his age. That makes a big difference to interpreting his behavior. Young puppies (till about 4 months) are growing *very* quickly, and need to sleep a lot. This isn't a choice they make, but rather a choice their body makes for them, much like with a young baby.

You also don't mention how long you've had Brock. Puppies need time to adjust to a new home, schedule, people, food, etc. Just like a new kid away from home for the first time, your puppy may be feeling a little overwhelmed by all the changed in his little life. Give him some time.

And it should go without saying that puppies are incapable of "hating" ANYONE, literally and biologically incapable of it. Your puppy is probably trying to adjust to a new situation and dealing with a changing and growing body. People often forget how stressful being taken from their mother and sibling and put in a new home is for a puppy.

Just give him time and love and he'll open up to you.

Leo answered on 12/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


Sometimes, love is all you need. Not to say this is the answer to ALL dog related problems. Sometimes it takes a firm yet fair master and a deeper understanding of the individual dog itself. But in this case, I think your love will get through to him and remember that all puppies are different when it comes to adjusting.

My puppy was snuggling up to me and followng me around exclusively by day 2 at 11 weeks old, which I found unusual. Don't be so quick to give up on him OR yourself (having faith in yourself is just as important), and if you really want to help him and feel you cannot do it alone, seek out the help of a trainer or animal behavioralist. Also, maybe meeting new dogs and people was a comforting to him. Maybe, because he'd already met you and your dog prior to adoption, he didn't feel as inclined to be playful immediately, knowing you'd be there later. Dogs know who is in their "pack".

Kairi answered on 12/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


It is a good thing he is active when you take him to the park and play with dogs kids adults,its new and exciting,then he gets home and plays potatoe.

Maybe he is comfortable with his surroundings and loves you guys to the fullest.

MAX answered on 12/5/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


1st: How long have you had the little guy?
2nd: What is his actual age if known or his estimated age?
3rd: You mentioned he shakes after you get home from an outing. Has he had a complete Veterinarian physical? Maybe he has something neurologically wrong to be shaking as he does. Maybe he is just pooped out from his outing. The little guy needs his rest to.

The questions above are imperative so that we Dogster pet parents can accomplish a good assessment. There are numerous pet parents on here with a great amount of knowledge that can help answer your questions. We just need more information about this little guy to assist you.
Maybe he is so relaxed being he was in a shelter. Maybe he is relaxed at his new home and it’s his first time of being able to relax and feel at home. Shelters are chaotic for dogs. This wears them down physically and mentally. It is just plain high stress for them just as human feel high stress. Their bodies react to stress just as humans do.
Think of it in these terms. How would you feel being in a strange place, not knowing anyone, and the fear of the unknown? The way I see it, our furry children endure the same physical and emotional things we do.
I would let the little guy relax, let him go with the flow, and it would convey to me he is content in his new surroundings. I am not a strong believer in pushing our furry children. They need time for change and deserve to have their space. To me pushing them to do something is causing undue stress.
I would much rather have a content/happy furry child then one who is tense and could become sickly all the time. A dog/puppy does not have to have energy 24/7. Puppies are the same thing as human babies when it comes to rest. Just take solace in knowing he is content. Be proud that he is happy with his new family. There is nothing wrong with him. I think it’s the pet parent causing the worry and I don’t mean that in an insulting way. From your question, it sounds as if you are asking for trouble, which is not warranted that I can see.
Enjoy your new guy and be happy that he is happy doing what he does.

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