I recrntly bought a standard poodle female pup. I Currently have a toy female in house. They Dont get along at all. I ha

I need help with my older female accepting larger female pup into our home? My older toy does not like pup at all. When approached by pup she stands on back legs squeals and shows teeth. Pup is heavier in size b probably 10 lbs. Just wants to play but she is rough. Please help!

Asked by Member 1155740 on Feb 17th 2013 in Aggression
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well there are 2 things

1. your older dog's status at risk before she was THE PRINCESS the only one and now she has no choice she is threatened to lose her throne to a new comer that is annyoing acts like shes all so cute, young, adorable and requests your attention all the time, in other terms its like your were the bomb and a other new girl comes by and tries to snatch your boyfriend and your bf says she's just a friend, you gals be friends how would you feel? perhaps same as your dog, insecure, jealous, and want to get rid of the new chick on the block! Well for sure she will be the boss, but you gotta ensure that you are fair by giving more attention to her or at least how she was treated with kisses, attention, rubs, treats prior acquiring your new pup or else she will see her throne is at risk! if she is senior that makes things worst she might be not so up beat, mayb ein pain to run and kill and bite all that puppy stuff and it hurts to know u ain't that fit nemore!

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