I really love to get a dog what should i do ?

Asked by Member 1122257 on Jul 24th 2012 in Answers
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Gray Dawn Treader

Don't rush into it.
I'd encourage you to read up on what's involved in owning a dog. Owning a dog is a commitment that lasts the dog's entire lifetime--make sure you're prepared to keep this commitment.

Also read up on different dog breeds. There are pros and cons to each breed and no breed is for everyone--for example, breeds like the Jack Russell Terrier have too much energy for some people.

Gray Dawn Treader answered on 7/24/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Research! How much exercise are you willing to do? How much time can you give him? Does shedding bother you? What about grooming? Do you want a velcro dog who sticks to you like glue? Or a more aloof dog who does his own thing? What about size? Good with kids? Biddable? Trainable? Companion? Protector? What will you do with the dog...agility, rally, frisbee, OB, hunting? Just everyday living stuff?
Once you know what you want/expect..then look at breeds. Then decide if you want to go to a rescue, shelter, or breeder. If you go with a breeder..make sure to research them. Are the parents titled & health tested? (not a vet saying yep..that's a healthy dog).
Do NOT buy from a pet store...the pups there are likely mill dogs who will have tons of issues.
Puppies are a huge amount of work. If you are a novice owner I suggest a shelter/rescue dog who is a young adult. Many have lived with foster homes & have some training.
Lots to think about..but so exciting! Good luck.

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Do some research, figure out what dog is best for you! Think about the size of your house backyard, and how much time you have.

Once you've decided what breed to get, think about the exact dog you want. You can search for dogs to adopt on this website.

Adopting is better than buying because if you're buying it's you're supporting puppy mills. Get a dog from your local animal shelter. They have many dogs that need a home there, and if they're not adopted, they're killed :(

After you found the exact dog you're getting go visit that dog and find out all about him or her. That way you can find out what he needs to learn what he likes, and what he can't have as a toy. Lol. By that I mean he might be a tough chewer so you should get a kong. Right before you get your dog, get:
Food (ask the owners what food brand he or she eats)
Collar tag
Food and water bowls
Now you'll have a much happier life

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You should look at shelters websites. You should also know some about the breed of the dog you are thinking about getting. I usually get a mutt they are usually more healthy.

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