I need help training a German shepherd.With running constant circles...etc

My female German Shepherd,Zoey,is constantly running circles in our yard. She is an inside and outside dog. I try to walk her and she pulls and pulls to the point she is gonna hurt someone. I tried a gentle leader and a choke chain. I finally got some results with a pinch chain. But know she's not focused on me during her training. She is focus on everything else. I have had a shepherd before but none like this. I try to put basic training in all my rescues. I have 13 dogs of many breeds. But she's the biggest issue I got. Please help me. And little help will do.

Asked by Member 1018208 on Jan 16th 2011 Tagged germansheoherdtrainginghelp in German Shepherd
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What kind of training have you been doing with her? Is she motivated by food or toys? Have you ever tried training her not to pull with positive reinforcement?

In this case, the first step would be learning how to get her attention. Find something she's interested in - some chewy, smelly treats should work great. Here are some good links for you:

Once she knows how to focus on you, it should be easier to teach her to heel. Click (or use a marker word) and reward whenever she walks beside you. If she pulls, plant your feet and don't move until she stops. This will help her learn that pulling doesn't work.

It may be helpful for both of you to sign up for a basic obedience class.

Bottom line, this sounds like a dog that needs more exercise and mental stimulation than you're giving her - GSDs are working dogs and it sounds like she needs a job.

Cricket answered on 1/16/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 3 Report this answer


how old?
Shepherds are social but they tend to need one person. Sounds like she is not adapted to you yet.
You'll have to post in our shepherd forum or give more details. Runs in circles? how? This breed is athletic and they require more then fence exercise.
No gentle leader or chokes. Herding dogs like to be out front. You should try stopping each time she pulls, she'll get the just of it, when pulling gets her no where! lol. 13 dogs, I assume you work her slowly one on one? that's what it takes, but you have to be bonded with most gsd's to get results you speak of. She sounds high energy so try working her in a fast pace. Use high rewards, hotdogs, chicken, beef, steak ect.
If you were closer, I could help you. Some are a handful but effective communication goes a long ways. You might want to visit some gsd clubs that have german dogs like, I don't know if you are getting lots of gsd's or this is the only one

Dieta answered on 1/17/11. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


GSDs are a high-energy working dog. I suggest trying different activities to fing something she like to do - obedience, agility, chasing frisbees, herding sheep.
My GSD herds sheep. Days we are not at the trainer she gets roadwork trotting beside my bicycle. We also do agility. She knows what time exercise occurs and is less intense the rest of the time.
My sheepherding trainer believes that many behavior problems are a result of frustrated instinctive drives. He considers this to be the reason so many people have trouble with Border Collies (the breed he has). You really need to get to know this dog and discover what she needs to be doing.

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