I know dogs overheat so much faster than we do, what are warning signs of heat exhaustion? Prevention? Aid? Causes?

I started running my crazy mutts a few months ago when I discovered that a short run, along with their normal playtime in the yard, meant a much more relaxing night for me in the end. They needed something, and a run was it. We go anywhere from 2.5 to 4 miles in an evening. We've had a heat wave lately, about 90-98 degrees. I'm really worried about them and overdoing it, but don't want to give up the run! They love it and so do I! I don't get too uncomfortable in this heat, but then I can sweat. As long as their tongs are wet does it mean they aren't overheating? What do I look for? What can I do for them to keep them cooler or cool them down more quickly once home?? They breathe heavy a lot longer than I do once we get home and I always am afraid I over did it.If details will help you answer this question.. They are both mutts. Both pure muscle, healthy healthy bodies. One is 72, the other is 68lbs. Boxer/beagle and Shepherd/Boxer are just our somewhat insightful guesses.

Asked by Hank on Jun 28th 2012 Tagged heat, running, excercise in Exercise
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Dogs can run faster and longer than you can. You can tell if your dogs are tired;if they are dragging behind or panting heavily, in such a case slow down to a walk. Always carry water with you.When you return from the run apply a cool wet rag to key areas on their body, (under arms, inside legs and the back of her neck as well as her paws). They also have those cooling collars for dogs now.

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they have cooling vests as well too. licking their lips is one sign of dehydration

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