I just want to warn anyone who need pet insurance for your baby so STOP !!! DO NOT CONTACT WITH VPI PET INSURANCE.

My dog " Buddy " was run around hotel room and hit his Right back leg with the table and then he walk like limping so i take him to Doral Vet FL . and my bill is 309.$- so then i has VPI PET INSURANC so i think should be ok but they deny my cliam and don't reponse anything about my bill evern accident so disappointed me.!!! i do recomment anyone don't go with them i can show you my record what they say if you contact me.

Asked by Buddy on Mar 9th 2010 Tagged donotcontactvpipetinsurancetheylietoyou in Pet Insurance
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I'm sorry this happened to Buddy. I hope he's okay now.

I have VPI and I really like them. They've always been very reasonable, and even when they denied a claim (I knew it was going to be denied but I put it through just in case) they did explain why it was denied.

I would recommend calling them up again and asking if they can please send you a statement of the denial. you should be able to get something in writing from them, that's part of their responsibility and it sounds like maybe there have just been some wires crossed.

You might also find that this is a mistake and that it should be approved. If it was a true accident with no pre-existing conditions, then they should be paying at least part of that, depending on the policy you have with them.

Something just sounds like it's not right, but I think it's a matter of communicating with them until you get an answer.

Jack answered on 3/9/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer