I have white patches of fure on my paws... Am I still considered a chocolate lab?

Basically, my dog Bear is a chocolate lab... ish. I got him from a local couple who showed me a picture of their Labradors, dogs and puppies (including the parents). They sounded sure their dogs were purebred labs but that wasn't crucial in my decision. As it wasn't necessary for him to be purebred in my decision to adopt him, I didn't really mind that he had white on his paws and chest. But I am curious as to whether he is purebred. Most chocolate labs I've seen or find pictures of on google have very limited patches of white fur and seem to have brown eyes. My dog has green eyes. The parents looked like any labs I'd ever seen.. and he looks like a lab. I'm just not sure about the cause of the non-uniform brown fur. So basically, what is the reason for the white fur? Non-purebred or just an undesirable Choc Lab feature? Please note, I love my doggie either way and am just wanting to learn more about labs and have a clear answer as to what breed he is when people ask me!

Asked by Bear on Jul 19th 2010 Tagged breed, breeds, lab, labs, dogbreeds, mixedbreed, chocolatelab, chocolatelabrador, chocolatelabradorretriever in Labrador Retriever
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Bear: The mother or the father could have been a different color of Lab which could have caused Bear to have white on him. However, Bear could of had both Chocolate Lab parents and could have been born with white - which happens in a lot of purebred dogs.

If the breeder mistaked the mother or father as a different breed, then he would be considered as a mixed breed dog.

The Chesapeake Bay Retriever looks similar to the Chocolate Lab.

Bear: Chocolate Labrador Retriever

You take beautiful pictures of Bear!

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Desmond CGC

Mismarks can appear on any purebred dog depending on the parents, grandparents, etc. Just cause he has little white bits doesn't make him any less lab (: I don't see many white toes on Labradors, but I have seen the white chest. Honestly, it's just a pigment thing, it doesn't mean he has any other breeds in him. Little white toes and chest bits are totally normal on labs. Your baby looks just like any lab pup to me! Super cute (:

Also, my pup had green eyes when he was a baby, too. It's a puppy thing, they will probably fade to brown in a couple months. Most puppies are born with blue or green eyes that fade to a different color.

It's an undesirable feature for a dog to be mismarked (in terms of show and breed standard etc), but it is obviously no big deal if the dog is just a pet. (:

Desmond CGC answered on 7/19/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer


The amount of white on your puppy, while excessive, does not mean he is not purebred. It can happen and does not mean he is any less of a lab. It DOES NOT happen because the lab colors were bred together... it is the result of something that is most likely way back in both his parents genes. The green eyes are also normal for his age and only mean that he will have extremely light, almost yellow, eyes as an adult...this is also an undesirable trait in labradors, but will not affect his worth as a great pet in any way!!!! The white on his toes will likely fade as he gets older and may even disappear completely, but the white chest will definitely stay.
Alfie is the result of breeding two champions and she has more than the allowed white on her chest... I don't love her any less!!!!

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