I have two dogs. who up until recently were house dogs. Now they live outside. One dog is adjusting fine. The other dog

My dogs are both pitbulls. And my male has severe seperation anxiety from me. Hes licked a sarcoma on his feet. I can tell that he is stressed out but i dont know what to do. Coming inside is not an option. Giving him to another home is not an option.

Asked by Member 1133812 on Oct 2nd 2012 in Separation Anxiety
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How much time are you spending with these dogs daily? Dogs are bred for human social interaction. Outdoor dogs can have happy lives but they NEED their human to be out there with them spending time and giving them adequate physical exercise and mental stimulation. Otherwise stress and boredom will take hold, and possibly pave the way for worse and worse behavior issues. If you have not altered your daily routine to be outside more often, then this sudden drastic change along with your absence is going to cause a problem.

Kolbe answered on 10/2/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


He needs attention from you. Make sure you give him playtime, exercise and cuddle time. Make sure there isn't anything in his environment causing issue to his feet. ie: chemicals on the lawn, or spilled toxins. Dogs chew feet when they have allergies. Did his food change as well? Are you treating for heatrworm, fleas and ticks? Make sure to have the wound checked it could be an injury that he keeps cleaning. I suggest a vet check as well.

Jasmine answered on 10/20/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer