I have recently adopted a rescue dog. What is recomended for flea deterents? There are so many on the market. Thanks.

I have been to a vet and my dog is in good health. I purchased an organic powder that I add to her food. I am almost out of this product and it was costly, $16 for a bag.My dog is approximately 2 years old.

Asked by Member 984291 on Apr 29th 2010 in Flea & Tick Prevention
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have you heard of comfortis I have 3 siberian huskies females i just resued one and it helps my dogs you feed the one by mouth every month and it kills them with in 3o mins you can buy it at the vet it cost like 15 but it really helps one of my friends said you can get it online cheaper and you get a lot in one but im not sure if you can trust the internet.

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I still use and prefer the monthly spot on's sold by the vets, not the pyretherin ones sold at walmart, etc. I do switch brands from year to year, and I do not use any until I see at least one flea. Last year I used Frontline Plus and only used it once in August. This year we already have a serious tick problem, so I have treated them with Advantix. I like that since it also repels mosquitos and black flies and other nasty biting insects.
I realize this is chemical control... I don't like it, but I like the problems from fleas and ticks even less. Judicious use of these products enable me to not have to bring out the serious chemical controls in my house and yard.

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If you are looking for a monthly treatment, check out BioSpot... it is more of an ecofriendly flea/tick medicine, but still costs around $12-$18 for a box of 3. A less expensive product you can have on hand is PETfection Bug Spray. It is 100% Organic and Non-Toxic and can be sprayed directly onto her body every day or as needed. You can spray it everywhere or just in moist/folded spaces like armpits, tail base, etc. This one is less than $7 and is great at keeping the bugs away (plus it will heal any bites she does have). You can check it out at Hope this helps!

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