I have just started breeding shar-pei's, but in her recent season she got out and i now fear she is pregnant, not to a s

Asked by Member 1026042 on Mar 9th 2011 Tagged sharpei, season, breeding, future in Breeds S-Z
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Part of your question got caught off but i think i know what your trying to say. You fear that she's caring mixes and not full blood shar-pei's. When your female comes into heat it is YOUR responsibility to supervise her whenever she goes out to go potty. What you need to start doing is taking her outside on a leash. If you leave her outside unsupervised there's a HUGE risk that'll she'll go out in search of a mate or males who smell that she's in season will get out of their yards and try to get in yours to mate with her. If she is pregnant the only thing you can do is wait for the pups to be born. What you probably should do is have your shar-pei fixed due to all the hereditary problems she can pass on to her puppies. They are prone to skin and eye problems, problems with their thyroid, hip dysplasia and elbow dysplasia.

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