I have an almost 5 months old female black lab that dribbles pee when sleeping or running. Bladder infection negative.

She has "leaked" urine since we brought her home at 7.5 weeks (I'd notice her bottom might get wet when I pick her up). She has been completely housebroken since early July and we do not in any way believe this is behavioral. She doesn't seem to know she did it. She stays dry all night! And it's most common after she already went out to pee, so maybe she isn't emptying her bladder all the way?The problem is not severe -- we find a puddle (after she sleeps in daytime) or dribbles less than 6 times a week. The vet believes it's ectopic ureter and wants to hold off on spaying until we do an IPV to confirm -- then do the surgery and spay at the same time. Anybody have a similiar case? It's most common in Labs. We aren't sure whether to just go ahead with her spaying and wait it out or plunk down the dough for the IPV (ultrasound would be better/easier on her/cheaper but not sure it's possible with our vet) The ectopic ureter surgery is a big deal. THANKS!!

Asked by Member 740865 on Sep 22nd 2008 Tagged lab, puppy, female, dribbles, ectopicureter in Illness & Disease
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Sounds like incontinence to me, but try what the vet says.

On another note, if you got her from a breeder, realize that it was a bad one. Good breeders NEVER let you take a puppy home with you until it's at the very least 8 weeks old and not a day under. It's actually against the law in most states to take a puppy home before it's 8 weeks old.

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I don't belive a puppy's bladder is completely developed until 6 months old or so. I, personally, wouldn't consider having her spayed just yet.

My best to you

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