I have a Pom mini poodle mix and was wondering why she doesn't have puffy curly hair. I've seen others if the exact bree

Asked by Member 1157202 on Feb 27th 2013 Tagged breed, pom, poodle, hair, curly, puffy, dog, puppy in Breeds
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You have a mix, not a breed, so there is no "right" look. You could have a pup that looks like a poodle, or a pom, or anything in between.

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As Wiley stated, you have a mix, not a breed, and therefore, there is NO EXACT SAME BREED and NO pom/poodle mixes will have the exact same coat as it totally depends on what DNA they inherit from which parent.
Since poms have straight hair the laws of genetics say that AT LEAST 50% of these mixes will have straight hair, maybe short or maybe long. Because poodles are curly, again, at least 50% will have curly hair. Then, add the either short or long and you increase the differences once again by 50%.
As you can see, how the DNA falls leaves lots of different possibilities for hair type in each pup from the exact same parents.

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