I have a miniature poodle that is 1 1/2 yr old how can i get him potty trained

i got this poodle from my local animal shelter recently and i cant seem to break him from going potty in my house i will have him outside for at least an hour with me and he dont go so i bring him in my house then with in a few minutes he is going on my floors i dont know what to do i have tryed everything and he just wont take to any of it please help me my husband is getting angry because our floors smell like pee and poop and they have to be replaced now i dont want to get rid of him i just need help on how to fix my problem

Asked by Member 1115669 on Jun 14th 2012 in House Soiling
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The dog must be crated or tethered to you 24/7 so it can't sneak off to pee. He should NOT have run of the house yet. If he pees inside again, use a paper towel to mop it up, take the paper outside and put it on the ground. Praise and reward the dog. In an hour, take him to the same spot and wait. You can use a word like potty to cue him. If he goes, give him lots of praise and rewards! Repeat often.

If he's dog friendly, get another dog to mark a spot while he watches, praise and reward the other dog.

Pepper answered on Jun 14th.

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First do you have an enclosed yard that he cant get out of? If so leave him out there for an hour or so (he may just be shy after all you are staring at him making him nervous) occasionally check on him to make sure he is or has done his duties then let him in and see if he does leave a special surprise in your house if he does stick him straight outside he will get the drift do this ever hour to two hours. Dont ever stick a dogs nose in his own urine or fecies. First its disrespectful and it doesnt work it will most likely make it worse. If you continue to have this problem put puppy pads down all over the floor in a little enclosed room put him in it and every hour let him out of the room and take him out side dont let him stop while he is on his way to the door to go potty outside potty training a 1 1/2 year old is tricky but the more you work on potty training him the better it will be for everybody involved

Griffin answered on 6/14/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Kippers for Piddle Place

I am not promoting our product, but the Piddle Place is designed for dogs that "go" in the house. It should not replace a walk or exercise, but it doeswork. We hae a training video on the website that might help as well. I train quite a few dogs on the Piddle Place, and same as outside, it takes work and a lot of "good boy" rewards for positive response is mandatory, Don't yell at the dog when they have an accident, they may think you are yelling for going to the bathroom, and then will just hide behind the sofa to "go" Let me know what you happens I am very interested in housebreaking

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Start by first cleaning your floor well, you can use white distilled water with vinegar to clean up. Dont use any ammonia based cleaning product; that will make your dog come back and poop again in the same place.
In order to potty train your dog first develop a feeding schedule, you cant let him eat whenever he wants to. Secondly, always bring the dog outdoor, 15-20 minutes after a meal. You can leash him and take him to a specific place where you want him to eliminate. Reward and praise him whenever he obeys you. Reward him by bringing him immediately inside the house after he eliminates.
Thirdly, confine him to certain areas or rooms of the house before he is potty trained. Dont let him roam free in the house; keep him leashed. Lastly, it takes a lot of effort and time, so be patient. Dogs dont know what they are doing is right or wrong until someone corrects them.

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