I have a french bulldog who has a thyroid problem.........

He takes pills everyday for it, but still he gets spots that get red and scally and the hair comes out of the dry patches, the vet gives me antibiodics and panolog ointment and I bath him in medicated and oatmeal shampoo........poor boy has to feel as bad as he looks, does anyone else have this problem, and what are you doing about it?

Asked by Commandar on Dec 28th 2007 in Illness & Disease
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~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~

I don't know about the thyroid problem, but my Angel had skin issues. Turned out that she was allergic to the chicken in her dog food. My vet did not tell me this, or even suggest it may be possible. I researched it on my own as I did not want her to be on prescriptions constantly (using antibiotics all of the time will lead to big health issues later).

So, I would try changing his food. What are you feeding now?

Also you can try putting some salmon oil in his food (you can find it in pet stores). Omega-3s are great for the skin and coat.

~Angel (RIP 11/20/07)~ answered on Dec 28th.

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