I have a four year old male cocker spaniel. he has been used for stud now he is very aggrsive to other males what to do

he is four and was a service dog until I got very ill. He has become very aggressive even started a fight with a male pitt I got bit terribly bad trying to save him. I had bought a little male to show and the 4 year old was nce at first but isnow attacking him. I have been bit several times breaking the fight up. I feel like my dod is going crazy trying to domonate metoo. What can I do?

Asked by Member 1104638 on Apr 7th 2012 in The Dogster Website
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Not being "neutered," as most people know makes a male dog more territorial. Being neutered or after being neutered mellows down aggression in dogs or being quarrelsome because of testosterone not being present or if you want to do a more accurate research on it, at its lowest level compared to a dog who is NOT neutered. At some point, you will make a decision as a responsible owner to google/research ALL the benefits of neutering your male dog. I do have my concerns with my Yorkie. I worry that he is not strong enought to pull through the surgery as he has respiratory issues. So, I will have to consult w/ a VET to make sure that he will live through the surgery. I do know though, that he is more aggressive and quarrelsome than my neutered dog, a Lucas Terrier who's very mellow but will fight if he needs to defend himself. AVOID being around other dogs to protect your dog and other dogs from further injury. This is somewhat a price to pay not neutering a male dog, sad but true.

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