I have a female, 9 month old miniature dachsund that is black and brown. With thinning hair...

I have a female, 9 month old miniature dachsund that is black and brown(current with all shots and spayed). When i first got her she had very thin hair on the top of her head, but soon as we gave her a bath with puppy shampoo(DermCare) it looked a lot better instantly.I washed her atleast every 6-8 weeks since then, until at 6-7 months she got into an accident and fractured her leg and i washed her 3 weeks after she had her bandages removed completely. And well over the course of the time we have had her before the incident she seems to have very thin hair on her ears, around her eyes,on both hind legs, chest and especially on her head in the middle and close to ears. Iam wondering what it is? She isn't bothered by it, nor does it look irritated or red. But it very noticeable to me and the ones who see her the most. And iam wondering if i should change shampoos,diet, or should i go get her tested? Everyone keeps telling me, she is a puppy and her baby hair is falling or that she will

Asked by Member 934118 on Dec 30th 2009 in Shedding
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It is a typical issue for Dachshunds, unfortunately, they have a hereditary hair loss gene.

She should not be bred, so if not spayed yet, have it done immediately. Inform the breeder as the parents should not be bred again either.

Links to some info:

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