I have a dog that is overprotective of my kids from my other dog......

My dogs are about the same age and have always gotten along and when they would rough house togethe we always stopped it. We have had both of them for about 3 years. They are great with my three and five year old. In the last three months or so princess has gotten over protective of my kids. One night my three year old was playing in the living room and princess was laying behinde her. My other dog walked up to see what was going on and princess attacked her. Once the fight was over i got onto both dog and put them in diff rooms. You could see that princess felt bad. My husband and i started watching them more but saw no other indication it would happen again. Well the other night i put the girls in bed and princess was with me and when i left the room she stayed behind. Well my other dog went in the girls room and princess attacked her. This time she almost killed her. Now we are torn on what to do with princess???

Asked by Member 1093600 on Feb 20th 2012 in Behavior & Training
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