I have a 6 month old female puppy who is still not potty trained. My husband got her from a family friend who kept her i

Asked by Member 1158766 on Mar 11th 2013 Tagged pottytraining in House Soiling
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took a long time for my little chi to be toilet trained. The saying is never shout at the dog when hes messed in the house. I used to say naughty boy then put him our and just keep saying wee wee pooh pooh. Its very hard work even had training pads but some people dont believe in them. He sometimes used them most not Then all of a sudden he stopped and just started going to the back door crying to go out. so we had him at 9 weeks old (August)and it took up until Christmas 4 months to train but seemed like a life time. So plenty of long walks and taking her out the back stay with her out the back until shes beeen then plenty of praise with a treat so she will know that when shes been she gets a treat. Good luck dont give up and dont shout at her even though i could have strangled mine bless. its hard work but you will get there in the end. Plus come the summer we need a new carpet as all you can smell is wee nobody else can smell it though but me

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