I have a 50 Days old female Labrador Pappy. i am giving her Only cerelac to eat,4time in a day.What sud i give her 2 eat

Can u Please Help me out, What should i give her to eat. Anything Protein food ? Or may be something else ? Please tell me..


Asked by Member 1064821 on Oct 20th 2011 Tagged food, bath, toys in Pet Food
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OH NO DONT GIVE THE DOG HUMAN BABY FOOD, let me ask this does it have any teeth in the mouth if so then you feed it puppy food any puppy food I use purina or pedigree but as long as it is a balance diet it is fine. I wet my puppy food down with water I feel cow milk is a little harsh if I have the female I will milk her some to have the mothers milk to go in then I lesson the wetness little by little and I let my pups eat all they can some do this and will bring it back up this is normal but my pups didn't have this problem I fed them twice a day. after feeding I walked them after that they got to play and sleep and when they woke they went out again about 5 I fed them again same wet down. the wet is not really wet just enough to moisten the food it should break up. if it doesn't have any teeth yet gets goats milk and a baby bottle A human baby bottle warm the milk to luke warm and the pup should suckle. you can ad goats milk to wet the food oh and warm the food to luke warm to.

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OK..50 days = 7 weeks, so this pup needs to be on a good quality puppy kibble, raw, or home cooked for her needs. Grain free is great. Use the guidelines on the bag for total daily amount, then spilt into 3 or 4 portions. Your puppy is developing at an incredible rate now, so proper/good nutrition is vital for long term health.

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A 50 days, (7 weeks), a lab puppy is certainly able to eat kibble, either dry or moistened with warm water. Puppy food is completely balanced and should not be supplemented to prevent messing up these important balances. An improper calcium balance can definitely cause her to grow too fast to the detriment of her future joint health. Large breed puppy formulas are made with these critical balances in mind and adding extra protein or worse yet, milk products will mess up the balance and should be avoided.
She should be eating at least three times a day, and getting perhaps a cup of kibble per meal. I would be using a good quality brand name puppy food with meat as the main ingredients, and I would make sure it was formulated for large breed puppies.
Continue with three times a day feedings until she is around 4 months old, then twice a day is fine.
Make sure she has fresh water available at all times.

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