I have a 4 month GSD/malamute mix and she loves to bite. When I try to stop her, she is more aggressive.

Asked by Member 1154476 on Feb 9th 2013 in Aggression
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I went through this with Lexus when she was 4 months old when we first got her. How are you trying to get her not to bite you?. Instead of telling her not to bite (a puppies world is through their mouth) redirect her biting. When she bites yelp like a pup would and put a toy in her mouth so she knows what she can bite. We had to put a grab leash on Lexus, which is a short leash about a foot long maybe not even. That way when she is acting "bitey" you can grab the leash (gently) and redirect her somewhere. So between redirecting her bites and happy training sessions she learned what was ok to bite and what was not. She is trying to find her place in your family. Be gently but firm and she will learn, but if you respond to he "aggression" with aggression from you, it is just showing her that she does it, you do it....and it wont stop.

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