I have a 3 month old Siberian husky that poops and pees everywhere

I recently got a husky and she just turned 3. I've tried to potty train her but she seems really stubborn. I talked to an employee at petco and she told me that I have to put her in a crate and keep her on a leash at all Times when she's not in the crate. I've reduced my work hours to less than 25 hours a week so I could dedicate my time to her potty training until I'm sure she can be home without me coming home to a mess. She used to poop and pee on my bed but I got that under control. I tried to crate train her but she somehow manages to get out on more than one occasion. I constantly walk her but she holds it n until I get home and she goes to my room and pees I've also tried to house break her but sh is rebelling. I'm running of of options and everyone is telling me to give her up but I don't want to and I feel with enough training she can be trained but idk what else to do !! Help please

Asked by Tasha on Feb 26th 2013 Tagged poop, pee, cratetraining, husky, puppy, stubborn, rebellious in Behavior & Training
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I sent you a paw mail with some info....not enough room here to answer

Lexus answered on 2/26/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer