Cindy Crawford

I have a 1 1/2 yr old St Bernard who is loving around us but overly protective toward company. What do I do??

My Saint is soo gentle around my girls and other dog. As soon as company comes over she gets very protective. Our neighbors won't come by anymore and are friends and some family members are leery anymore about coming over. I have tried introducing her and she gets protective. Almost as if she is messing with them. Some people come over and she won't bother them because they aren't afraid.... What can I do to teach my St Bernard to be calm when company comes over?

Asked by Cindy Crawford on Feb 17th 2013 Tagged stbernard, training, possesive in Behavior & Training
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It sounds to me like you need an appointment with a certified behaviorist immediately before she ends up seriously injuring someone and you end up with a lawsuit on your hands.
A behaviorist can work with you and develop a training plan to help her become more accepting of guests. No one here on an internet site can determine her behavior and your responses without seeing her in person.
You want a certified behaviorist, NOT a trainer as anyone, qualified or not, can call themselves a trainer and may end up doing more harm than good.
In the meantime, I would certainly keep her crated or in a secure outside area when company are in the house.

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