I have 2 male dogs, one of them is constantly licking the other dogs eyes and face. what does this mean?

The dog that does the licking is the younger of the two dogs and the most recent family member.
Moss (the older dog) goes through phases of trying to mount Jake (the younger dog) and this is the time that the eye licking is most persistant/zealous (struggling for the right word here....faster, almost in a desperate needy way), It does happen at other times, but in a gentler, slower, almost in a loving effectionate way. He also tries to lick the eyes of small children so I'm wondering if this is a dominence thing maybe at times in protest to the dominant mounting behaviour of the other dog??
It maybe be relevent to say that Jake is most definitly the boss (with the exception of the cat, who he cant quite seem to take charge of, but not through lack of trying!!) and has taken the role of leader of the pack, and Moss being very laid back and a bit of a wuss!! seems to have accepted this.

Asked by Moss on Jan 5th 2008 in Behavior & Training
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Typically licking around the mouth and face is a sign of submission - wolf pups do it to solicit regurgitated food from the adults (yuck!), but in the dog world it tends to be a way to say "Hey, I know you're the boss! I'm just a little pup! Don't hurt me!" If your younger dog is doing it to the older one when the older one is trying to mount him (an act of dominance) then the younger one is sending that message by licking that he respects the older one's position. It's their way of them keeping on the same page and keeping a structure to their relationship. I think the grooming behavior of slow licking is much the same.

Loki answered on 1/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 2 Report this answer

Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!!

Well u may have a few things going on here.It sounds like Jake is doing the licking in a sort of stressed out situation when being mounted
This is his way of trying 2 make things work out with out causing a fight.The other more calm licking is a way of your dogs telling each other that they r comfortable with each other.I have 4 dogs the 3 Pits r males&the Shih Tzu is a female.Clay(the youngest male)&Jesse the female are always humping Pedro.No one humps Haus(the boss of the house)But they ALL clean each other mostly the face&front legs.So 2 c them do it, it makes me think that it is just a sign of comfort with each other.Clay will lick quickly or incessantly when he is stressed-like needing 2 go out & I'm not paying attention,when he is ready 2 go 2 bed&the bedroom door is closed or when it's close 2 feeding time.So that is more of a stress lickin.Hope that's helpful.Your boys are gorgeous by the way.I like the smile on Moss!2 funny!Jake is just beautiful!!Bet he has alot of hair

Clay R.I.P. my handsome boy!! answered on 1/5/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer