I cant break my rescue pup of some bad habits! She came from an abusive horder so she needs serious help!

About two years ago my husband and I adopted a rescue pup, she is a schnoodle (I think). She never saw the light of day until she was a year old, she lived in a basement and was starved and tossed around like a rag doll and picked on by the 24 other dogs in the basement (she was the youngest/smallest).

I thought that my perfectly trained brussels would help her acclimate--but sadly, despite training efforts, she is only slightly better and my brussels has regressed quite a lot. They both are going inside and in their cage. My rescue perches on couches, beds, baskets of clean laundry...and she pees in them. I cant get her to sleep on a dog bed, she prefers a laundry basket and will fight through heaven and earth to find one.

They are now both tactile defensive and hate going in the grass, especially when its raining. They have peed/pooped on the floor/couch/bed in the last week! I have made a commitment to both these dogs to love and train them properly, but am struggling! Help please

Asked by Member 1185141 on Aug 11th 2013 Tagged housesoiling, rescuedog, abused, pottytraining, timid, fearful, regression in House Soiling
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