I cannot eat high quality foods!

Hi, my name is Punky and I am a very sensitive Boxer/Pit mix. My mommy has tried many different high end foods to deal with my allergies, and turns out I am allergic to something all the higher end foods have in common, but we cannot figure out what it is! All I know is that my hair sometimes falls out in patches and I shed like a snowstorm! My mommy currently feeds me Purina One Smartblend Large Breed Adult, and this not so great food is the only one I can tolerate! My mommy wants me to have the best, but we need to figure out what I'm allergic to in high end foods but not Purina One! We have tried Blue Buffalo fish and oatmeal, all varieties of Taste of the Wild, wellness Core, Castor and Pollux Ultramix. Any ideas? I would really appreciate it!

Asked by Punkin on Mar 23rd 2013 Tagged purinaone, allergies, hairloss in Pet Food
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I would try a grain free, limited ingredient food. Something with a unique protein, like duck & sweet potato, or venison, or kangaroo.
Many dogs with allergies do well on a raw diet. Check out the Raw Food forum on the Community Forums page. A Dogster pal just switched her pit mix to raw & has seen fantastic changes. Her poor guy sounded a lot like your dog.

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What about lamb & rice food? Or cooking food at home would be another option. This can be a big job, but freezing food ahead of time in pre-measured portions and then thawing it out when needed could work.

You would probably get a better discussion going in the forum than you will on Answers.

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It looks like they all have tomato pomace or tomato in them. He could be allergic.

A list of high quality kibble that is without tomatos:

Orijen 6 Fish
Orijen Adult

Acana Wild Prairie
Acana Grasslands
Acana Pacifica

Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken
Nature's Variety Instinct LID Duck
Nature's Variety Instinct LID Lamb
Nature's Variety Instinct LID Turkey

Bafore Grain Merrick Salmon
Bafore Grain Merrick Buffalo
Bafore Grain Merrick Chicken

GO salmon
GO chicken

Innova adult large bites

Best of Luck!!

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I feel your pain. One thing I learned with Kali is, if it ain't broke don't fix it. So, with that said, if your found a food she can tolerate, then don't change. If your really set on changing, try the elimination diet. It's very time consuming and your dog will suffer through with the allergies, but in the end, you may figure out what she's allergic to. Good Luck! Oh by the way, Kali's not on a great food either but she's been healthy for a whole year now. I'm not going to change her's. Good Luck!

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How about feeding raw? A raw food diet is great for dogs who have allergies. Here's the Dogster Raw Food Diet Forum - www.dogster.com

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I'll go with Origin my Coonhound's hair starts to fall out if I feed her anything else. I pay $68 for 30 lbs not cheap but the poop biodegrades, or turns to white dust. Mix in raw beef bones too.

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