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It is really sad to me how many people posting on these answers consider dogs as disposible pieces of property. If they don't behave right or they are sick they just give them away and start over with another one. I was raised on a farm years and years ago, and I was brought up to respect ALL living things, including cats and dogs. We had many unwanted dogs and cats dumped on our farm but my parents raised me and my siblings to love and care for and, yes, respect these animals. My brothers and sisters and I were always training some stray dog or taming a wild cat so it could be rehomed. It really appalls me how many parents are raising their children to consider a dog something that you just throw away when it grows past the cute puppy stage, becomes destructive from lack of training, or gets sick and just go get another one to start the cycle again. It really scares me to think about what our world is coming to when we just throw away living, breathing beings. Are humans next???

Asked by Member 641257 on Aug 18th 2010 Tagged disposiblepets, throwawaypets, respectingpets in Dogs & Kids
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Winnie Mae

Toto, I believe so. It has already happened in parts of our world. Look at the girls in India, sold to slavery for life. My heart goes out to all living things, innocent human lives especially, who suffer at the hands of our greedy fellow-humans. What some people can do makes me ashamed to call myself a part of their race.

Not only does this happen with domestic dogs and cats, but with the wild horses too. And dear, sweet, innocent children. Greed is a toxic poison that destroys all it touches.

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Well put Toto. I feel the same way.

Ty answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Pippin-CGC-RIP Sweet Boy

It is very sad when this happens & it breaks my heart...My children have always been raised with animals & have leaned love & compassion & respect towards living beings "lesser" than ourselves because of it...It is sad when children learn that life is disposable & they become lesser human beings because of it.

Pippin-CGC-RIP Sweet Boy answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


In my honest opinion, I think something that plays into why people do this is laziness. The human race has become so LAZY. Every day new inventions are coming out to make our lives 'easier'. We don't need to really do anything for ourselves anymore! So people get a dog and think they won't actually have to put effort forth to have the perfect pet. They expect the dog to potty train him/herself, or to learn tricks him/herself. And when they're puppies, it's so easy to look over a little pee here or there on the floor. But past that cuteness stage, people wake up and realize "hey, this is a real, living animal! It's not some teddy I can just dress at and 'oh' and 'ah' at anymore! It actually requires work and maintenance." So yes, I think laziness plays a nice factor and I totally agree with everything else, and I hate to see where human kind is going. It's only a matter of time now.

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There's one thing if a dog owner doesn't know what they are doing, that they basically ruin the dog and he is full of behavioral problems. Those owners SHOULD re-home their dog to someone else who knows more. But... to see those same people get another dog! Well, that is absolutely disgusting. If you can't do it then stop trying. They are just ruining these potentially great pets.

I'm a parent. I try to show my son how to solve problems and to have compassion (by example). I think being a RESPONSIBLE pet owner while raising children is a great opportunity to teach your children these things.

I don't think I can comment on someone getting rid of a sick dog. That could depend on so many, various situations that I can't make a blanket opinion of if it was right or wrong.

Keep in mind, I am new here so I haven't read the same situations that you are probably refering to. But I have known people in person that got rid of problematic dogs, just to do it all over again. Ugh!

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I know what you're talking about. Some people should get stuffed animals - not live ones. All 3 of my dogs came up from the southern states. All 3 throw away dogs.

This is why I commit to rescue, rather than a purchased puppy. I'll educate about pet stores and puppy mills. I'll continue to promote rescue when ever I know someone wants a dog/puppy.

If the child in the post had asked her parents, "What if I'm too much trouble? Will you throw me out too?" And what child isn't at one time or other, a mess of trouble......

Pepper answered on 8/18/10. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It is ashame, but people need to spay or nueter their animals. People blame the shelters for killing the animals but I fail to see why. It is people who is causing the over population. Not all are like the shelters you see on animal planet and not all no kill shelters can take all animals so you know where they go? If pure bred they may find a rescue but not always. In china they are not able to have a dog so they cut the vocal cords so the dog can't bark CAN YOU IMAGINE. It is the same about the chicks, ducks and rabbits sold around Easter the kid gets bored and looses interest, Oh and it is not the kids fault I think it is the parent that got the animal in the first place if you don't want a animal of ANYKIND DON'T GET ONE PERIOD. oh and yes Star had one litter because I thought I could keep track of her heats my husband mother was in the hospital and we came home ad they were locked up I got her spayed as soon as I could.

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You grew up like I did. I grew up on a farm and I was always training all the animals ppl, dumped off on the dirt road by our house. Most dogs can be trained easily. And I have only aquired one dog that was almost going to drive me nuts. But, with patience and lots of time she came out of it. It is up to us to set an example and try to help others the best we can so we can help animals. Most animals in shelters have issues. Most of the time it is owners not taking the time to work with them or the huge lack of understanding how to communicate with animals. It is a very scary world for animals. And nothing surprises me anymore. I do believe that God gave us the dog to love. I know there must be a reason for their never ending unconditional love they give us. I wouldn't trade my dogs for anything. No amount of money could buy them. They are my family forever as long as they live. :)In germany, many dogs are just objects for competions. They throw them away. Here there are some I know too

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Sometimes I need to take a step back in life and on Dogster to allow my nerves to settle. I have learned on Dogster to skip questions to avoid conflict but in life sometimes it can't be avoided. Some people drive me CRAZY with their thoughts and value placed on pets. I'm in my 40's and I have only owned 2 dogs, one passed away after 13 years and Deogie who is now 3. I adopted a cat and she's the meanest cat EVER but she became my responsibility the moment I adopted her. You take the good with the bad and you learn to adjust or train when needed.
People need to know they're the ones that failed, not the dog. They’re the ones who didn't take the time, have the patience or commit 100%. They‘re also the ones who will miss out on true friendship and unconditional love. They’ll miss out on tail wags and wet kisses at the door, even if you’re only gone for a few minutes. They’ll miss out on the protection and devotion of something that would lay their life down to save yours. They’ll miss out on the pride you feel when your dog finally gets the command you’ve been teaching. They’ll miss out on the warmth and gentle calm that you feel when your dog looks at you like you’re the best person EVER. They’ll miss out on all of this and more but me, I get this everyday with Deogie and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. From 10 wks to hopefully years to come, he will be my baby.
We can only hope that people start to view pets as family members, family we all need to love and protect for a lifetime.

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Most people who own dogs just have them outside as lawn ornaments that bark all day in misery. I noticed in my neighborhood i'm really the only one that takes my dog for a walk everyday. I go at all kinds of different times of the day and never run into another dog walker. Then when there dogs become a burdain on them they take them to the shelter or dump them somewhere. I hate it. I try to distance myself from thinking about it too much...I volunteer at the animal shelter off and on and it's so difficult seeing those sad eyes looking at you wanting a home. People's carelessness is the reason for the shelter. So many people bring whole litters there because they didn't neuter or spay there animals. Or they were breeders that couldn't sell all the pups. I see alot of people on here that post questions and adding to it they'll get rid of there dog to get a new one if the problem isn't resolved. I don't understand how people don't train there dog then expect it to behave perfect. =(

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