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I am a 4 month old English Springer Spaniel. How far should I be walking? Is one hour twice a day too much for me?

We read a book that recommended 1 hour walks twice a day, but I have read some conflicting views recently. Is this too far to expect a puppy to walk? Am I doing a disservice to my dog rather than helping her development?

Asked by Sally Field of Dreams on Jan 17th 2008 Tagged walk, length, howfar, puppy, month, howlong, time, distance in Exercise
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I read in a puppy book that you should take your puppy for 3 walks a day!! That doesnt sound right to me. I think taking her for a walk one hour twice a day is fine shes a puppy she needs to be getting good walks and good exercise. I used to over the summer take my puppy for like four short walks a day. Unless shes act like she acts really tired and can barley walk keep up with you shes fine

Cozett answered on Jan 17th.

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When books list the amount of exercise dogs should get, they're generally talking about adult dogs, meaning dogs that are at least 1 year old or older.

I would not necessarily take that suggestion for your 4 months old puppy. She is a Springer Spaniel and should have a good amount of energy, but what I would do with a young pup would be to let her set the pace. In other words, if she's slowing down or stopping on the walk, it may be too much for her.

It's best to be very in tune with her dog and learn to recognize when she's "done" and needs to recover a bit, instead of forcing her to go on. Most dogs will keep going to please their owners, but it's not necessarily good for them and their developing bones.

And, obviously, no strenuous running (as in, leashed running on any hard surface) until she's at least 1 year or older.

Abby answered on 1/17/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer