How to transition to a new home with a Shiba Inu?

Kazi is one year old. We just recently moved in with my boyfriend's parents. Before this I lived in an apartment by myself with Kazi. We had lived there since he was 7 weeks old. Since we moved in Kazi has started to act very stressed an anxious. This new place has two floors. Whenever my boyfriends parents come from the second floor to the first floor, Kazi barks and runs under the dinning room table with his tail down (major mood detector for Shiba Inu). We weren't prepared for this problem because we had visited here for multiple days in a row and he loved all the attention from everyone. We have tried a calming collar, calming vitamins from GNC, and a thundershirt with no luck. He acted paralyzed when the thundershirt was on. If the parents aren't home, he acts normal for the most part. Still will bark at noises (which he never did before). He acts normal around the parents if they take him for a walk. He also is eating normal which we are thankful for! Any advice?

Asked by Kazi on Feb 4th 2013 Tagged moving, axiety, stress in Other Behavior & Training
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