how to train a german shepherd cross malamute ?

so hears the thing... the dog "max" belongs to my little sister and she never really home so i am left to watch over him. but he only listens to her, he will do all the tricks for me but he will not come or stay will i tell him to. he used to be in the front yard but then he began to chew on everything and stared to howl and whine at the other dog running around the neighborhood. so he was put into the backyard with your two other dogs but he then began to jump the fence or dig under it. so my mom and sister kick him out of the yard so he could play with the other dogs. but he began to chases the neighbors cats and run into their yard right in front of them and tried to attack their small dog i did yell for him to come but he would not!i have tried to keep him tied up but he howls. so the bottom line is i need help on how to train him because my parents are getting fed up with him, if you know what i mean and i do not want that to happen ! so please any advice.

Asked by Member 1124605 on Aug 8th 2012 Tagged training, germanshepherd, alaskanmalamute in Methods of Training
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This is complex & serious. You have the gsd side..biddable, desires to please...& the mal who is an independent thinker, also super smart, but not known for being biddable. Nordics do is in their nature. As is howling. Gsds are also vocal, & can have tons of drive.
Exercise is crucial..he should be getting a minimum of an hour..solid. A brisk pace with obedience & jogging, running. What floats his boat? Frisbee? Flirt pole? Pulling? Use it to your advantage.
Both breeds NEED a job..or they will make their own..usually one you don't want.
Best advice I have is to open a free account here on dogster & post this in the Behavior & Training Forum. That is a dialogue..we can ask you for details, you can reply. It is all in one thread. Here on Answers you do not get the same level of traffic, plus you can only post one time, so no dialogue.

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Bruno CGC

More EXERCISE!!! Seriously can't overstress that. I know it's summer and it's hot, but you need to up the ante. Huskies and Mals dig and howl and escape, yes, but they do it a lot LESS when they have other outlets for their energy. Go for at least an hour daily of vigorous movement.

He probably won't come or stay because it's not rewarding to him- the alternative (running away) is more fun and interesting. So practice these behaviors in a boring place, and use a reward he really likes for compliance. Baby steps. Don't let him off-leash in public where there is opportunity for reinforcement from disobedience.

Give him things it's okay to chew on to fill that need too, so he stops wrecking your stuff. Kongs are great, as are Nylabones and other durable chews.

Overall, this mix is smart, powerful, and energetic... he needs more to do than you're giving him, that's why he's acting out like this.

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