how to teach adult aggressive dog to walk on leash ?

He's a 2 Year OLD male GSD adult aggressive dog. I yesterday adopted. how to teach adult aggressive dog to walk on leash ? he pulls with his 40 Kg body wherever I turn. If he pulls left, I turn right, then immediately he pulls right... :)

Asked by Dob on Aug 19th 2012 Tagged aggressive, gsd, germanshepherd, leashtraining in Leash Walking
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We have been giving you advice for Dob since you started posting here months ago. You appear to have not taken any of the great suggestions you've been given. Now you adopt a second gsd? With "aggression"? sigh.
He is not really an adult. He may still be maturing & in his adolescent stage. Plus way more details are needed to help you.
Please post in the regular Behavior & Training Forum. We can get a dialogue going where we can be of more help. You can give us more details & we can respond back.
I know there are probably no behaviourists where you live, so that option may not be available to you.
Management: muzzle him, keep a short leash. Do not react to his movement..he should react to yours. Direction changes are great..but they need to be initiated by you. You decide it is time to turn right/left/reverse/diagonal..then you turn. He must follow you.
Use positive reinforcement, not punishment.
How is he with Dob? Is he dog or people aggressive? What does it look like?

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