How to stop yelping in crate? 18 wk old male beagle.

We have an 18 week old male beagle. Trying to crate train him at night, whenever he is in the crate he yelps nonstop. Have tried keeping food and water in with him, did not work, tried putting an alarm clock in a sock, did not work, have tried leaving a rawhide for him to chew on, again did not work, also tried giving him a shirt that smelled like me so he would think i was there, that did not work. I am out of ideas, any advice, and any new things I am willing to try.

Asked by Member 1146307 on Dec 22nd 2012 in Crate Training
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I think your doing all that you can do really....just make sure the crate is a positive place, never give him trouble and then put him in the crate as punishment. Leave the crate available to him with the door open throughout the day also so he can go in and out as he pleases. Good treats, ones that will keep him busy, try a kong maybe stuffed with treats and or peanut butter, my dogs dont like that but I know lots that do. And favorite toys.....maybe someone else can help.

Mika answered on 12/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs

i would suggest also that during the day occasionally lock him in the crate. he will bark of course. but once he stops let him out immediately. gradually the time inside should increase. then he will be quiet for longer and longer times till you reward him by letting him out. but yes the crate definately needs to be a positive place

Charlie Brown Cocoa Puffs answered on 12/23/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer