How to stop my dog from peeing and pooping in the house?

We rescued our dog Charlie from a shelter about 6 months ago. He is about 3yrs old, a corgi/terrier mix. He was not house trained when we got him. It took us a long time to get him "trained". We got to a point where his accidents were rare, but lately he has been peeing and pooping more frequently in the house. He does this while we are home. He is crated while we are not home. He is taken out frequently, and always pees or poops when we take him out. Tonight I took him out, he peed and pooped outside. Then about 30min later he peed and pooped inside the house. He seems to have a lot of anxiety. We love him to pieces but can't put up with this much longer. How do I get him to stop messing in the house when he IS going outside too?

Asked by Member 1074851 on Dec 2nd 2011 in House Soiling
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I guess I'd wonder why he's going so often. Mine typically has a bowel movement once or twice a day. I guess they're all different, but sometimes changing their food to something with fewer fillers means less frequent bowel movements. What really gets the digestive tract moving for my dog is a nice, long walk, rather than a few trips outside. In addition to the walk, I'd start taking the dog out every hour, two at the most. I'd take treats and praise the heck out of him when he goes outside, so that action becomes incentivized. I'd also have a pro clean your carpet, especially if he's going in one particular part of the house all the time, meaning that he's designated that as a spot where it's okay to go. Has he been to the vet to rule out any medical issues that might be contributing to this problem?

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