How to speed up her agility?

I made my own little course. She knows it great,but she wont speed up.
Kimmiee also won't do the weave poles if the are closer together than how I first taught her. I try to move them even 4cm closer and then she starts messing up. Right now they are a foot and a half apart.
Also how can I get her to jump higher? She can jump super high over big logs and other things. When I try to get her to do it for agility she just ducks under the poles.
Any suggestions would help

Asked by Member 1116541 on Jun 17th 2013 in Agility & Sports
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I'm going to limit my answer to speed.
I take my dogs hunting, and when I get a new one, it's not very speedy. Once it realizes it's going to be third or more at the catch, they start speeding up right away, because second and after don't get praised or allowed to participate in the kill. ie: incentive. You can create that incentive by praise, treats, or a meal.
Without a reason to be fast, they won't put out the effort and learn how to run faster, and speed is a learned function.

SNEAKERS answered on 6/19/13. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer