How to make this dog legally mine?

I have a dog that I am fostering for an acquaintance. We have a very informal agreement with the owners of the dog (no time frame of when they want her back, no info about what they will pay for and no info about her previous shots or registration). The owners of the dog live in a trailer park that doesn't allow her type of breed or weight of the dog and they also have one young child with developmental problems and one more on the way. They do not plan on moving anytime soon as well. The dog has been bounced around by 2 other homes that "fostered" her but did not want her after a few months. My family and I have grown very attached to this dog and would love to adopt her but do not know how to go about doing this. We mainly want to give her stability and the care that she deserves. We believe that she has not been receiving proper care until this point. I don't want to be sued for "stealing" these people's dog. What I can do to give this dog the family and life she deserves?

Asked by Member 1179748 on Jul 11th 2013 Tagged adoption, foster, law in Other Laws & Legislation
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Have you already discussed this with the family that currently "owns" her? Most people see reason when presented with a logical, non-emotional, factual point. You can provide what the dog needs now, they can't and that isn't fair nor healthy for her. If that approach fails because they are overly indifferent towards her welfare, perhaps contact a local rescue and see if there is any information specific to your area regarding this type of thing. I'm no expert on this, so hopefully someone else comes along to answer as well, but a rescue is at least a start(I'm sure they have all kinds of relevant knowledge).

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