How to know if a rescue shelter is a scam??

I've heard that there are scams out there for supposed rescue do we know who is legit???

Asked by Member 550635 on Jan 8th 2008 Tagged rescues in Adoption & Rescue
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That is an excellent question! :)

There's a page on the Wisconsin Dog Rescue's website that has a list of the things you should expect to see in a reputable rescue. You can find that list here -

It can sometimes be very difficult to tell whether a rescue is reputable based on their website or their advertisements, especially since some legitimate rescues advertise in places that tend to draw scams, such as Craig's List.

In those cases, ask them lots and lots of questions. There is nothing wrong asking a rescue for references of area vets offices that they do business with or calling the shelters the rescue says they pull dogs from and asking them about the rescue.

Abby answered on 1/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I belonged to a rescue group that I consider a scam - and I know exactly how you feel. It took me a while to realize I was just a pawn here and they really didn't care about where the animals were placed - just the FEE - they had guidelines but they never followed them. A rescue site with 30 members or less you need to really check it out. I wish I did. They can have all the legal paper work done but, next group I join I am going to ask they for referrals from adopted parents - They ask you to fill out a aplication that is so detailed, but they never talk about themselves - My bad. Take Care and Good Luck

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If they shelter is online you can see if there is a phone number or address. Call or visit the shelter to see if they really ARE a rescue shelter.

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it's Kinda Hard to tell if a Rescue Shelter is a scam or Not.
I say This because Most people may think that i am a scam due to the fact i am NOT working in or at a Actual Animal Shelter.
i do Occassional animal Rescue and on my OWN with no help or funding.
I am Listed on,,,,Pet911, and a Adoption Portal that List ALL over(Which was provided by My petfinder Rescue/Shelter site.)
I am VERY LEGIT Rescue.I do all i can withen my means to Care for/Re-home the animals i have in my Care.
There is NOTHING Wrong with asking questions.
Just BE SURE to ask if they are a Shelter,Work with a Shelter,or are a Independent Rescuer Like myself.

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Felix-Rescue for Adoption! AVA

All great answers! Feel free to ask questions to anyone you may be adopting a dog from. See if they ask for an application, and whether or not they actually check your references and do a home check. Most legit rescues do this! Also, 99% of rescue groups require the dog/cat be spayed/neutered before adoption if it's old enough. If it's too young then they should require you to sign a contract and have it done within a certain # of days and then check up on it and require proof. Also, ask for receipts, or proof of veterinary visits. I furnish all my adoptive parents with the EXACT receipts from my vet so they can see that the small adoption fee does not even remotely cover what went into the dog, plus, they have the info to take to their vet. If you get the feeling that they aren't truly concerned about where the dog goes, and if they don't go over your application with a fine-toothed comb, then be wary. Most, but not all, have the best intentions though.

Felix-Rescue for Adoption! AVA answered on 1/14/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Excellent answers! I sure wish this question had been posted before my last adoption, though I have to admit I'm very happy with our puppy. That said, all of these answers are really Best Answers as they're all correct.

It looks as though you yourself does rescue, which is probably why you're asking; to get a feel for what to do right.

If that be the case, then one additional thing I might mention for you is to make sure all of your animals are in good health and properly cared for (clean, happy, etc.). Let your potential adopting family view all your dogs - whether sick or not (to prove your caring attitude) - and don't seem blasé about any illnesses.

Yes, I know of one who actually seemed unconcerned about a possible serious illness.

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