How to housebreak an adult female beagle?

We got our Beagle as a puppy. House training was going well & she "almost" got it, when I got a full time job & threw everything out of whack.

We can NOT crate train because it's a townhome & she would howl & disturb the neighbors. Plus, she has pee'd on her bed & in front of her food bowl.

She had taken to peeing in one spot in front of the tv, so at night or when we're not home, she gets locked in the basement, where she has a light on & 2 couches to sleep on. I can let her out at 11pm before bed & my husband will let her out at 3:30am before work but there will usually be pee & possibly poo in the basement.

She usually will poo in the same area, but peeing can be anywhere.

The thing is, she CAN hold it. When my husband works nights, I let her sleep in the room with me. She NEVER messes. When I let her out in the morning, she pees for a long time, so she can hold it.

Since I can't CATCH her, how can I fix this?


Asked by Molly on Sep 8th 2008 Tagged pee, beagle, housebreak, mess in House Soiling
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I would say that it sounds like your dog is stressed. I don't think it is about house training. The fact that she holds it while in bed with you says that it is not about housebreaking her but rather getting rid of the stress and anxiety. When dogs are stressed they will eliminate in the house and more often then expected. Also if a dog is not getting a lot of needed exercise this to will cause stress and boredom and using the house as a toilet is a way to seek attention. As a Beagle she needs at least an hour of real exercise; walking, running, swimming. Not just playing tug in the living room. Also is she eat on a schedule? It is best if the dog its 2 times a day morning and night. Then you need to see if there is any other stress being caused other than not enough exercise and change it. Maybe you could enroll her in some classes, start some basic training or put her to work so she feels like a Beagle.

Titan answered on Sep 8th.

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You really need to crate train her. She will not howl and annoy your neighbors. She may bark and whine at first, but make sure that the front of the cage is covered, and she has just some padding on the bottom - nothing that if she messed on, it would ruin. Her crate needs to be proportional to her size - if it is too large, she is able to wander around and will more than likely use the bathroom. No food in there either, because this will also encourage her to go potty in there. Make sure you are home the first time she goes in there. Cover the crate, and if she barks or whines, rattle the cage door and tell her 'no'. The rattle will startle her and get her attention. You may have to do this several times. She will get it, and you can leave her alone. Crate training is the only way, unless you are with her 24/7, that you are going to get past this issue. Words are limited here - please message me if you have more questions. I'd be happy to help.

Sergeant answered on 9/8/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer


First of all, you do need to crate train your Beagle, easier said than done, though. You can start by telling your neighbors the situation, because she will howl and cry at first. You need to always make the crate a pleasant place, never ever scold your dog while she is in the crate it WILL RUIN the crate. How often do you walk her and train with her? Remember a Beagle is a dog that needs a job or else they get bored and this can lead to problem behaviors. It also sounds like she might have some separation anxiety issues, in which case your best bet is to seek a vet with experience in animal behavior for some advice. Most Beagles do have separation anxiety. One thing you can try, but it's a little pricey, is called Comfort Zone, it's about 50 bucks, but releases a pheromone that is similar to a mother when she nurses her pups and is very soothing for most dogs. If you would like some more suggestions, feel free to send me a message!

Sammy answered on 9/11/08. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 1 Report this answer