How to help with a TERRIBLE case of separation anxiety?? Help!!

I just got my newest pup, Molly, a week ago. She's around 10 months old and is house trained. The first night we left her in the house while we went to the grocery store and she tore up the carpet in front of the door while we were gone. The second day we left her in the bathroom (which is pretty spacious) and she ate THROUGH the door. The next day we got a crate and got her (over a few days) to where she would go inside and be fine with the door shut, we left her for 15 minutes to go to the laundromat and she bent the door so far inward on her crate that we had to break it to get her out. I've had people tell me to get the Thundershirt, but the reviews have said that it only slightly calms them and doesn't help completely. Our vet gave us a pheromone plug in thing that was supposed to calm her down but it doesn't work and I don't want to drug her! Please help!! :(

Asked by Bentley on Jun 10th 2013 in Separation Anxiety
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U may look into a doggie day care. My dog stays with my dad while I'm gone( he works from home).

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