How to get puppy's energy out in the winter?

My 8-9 week old Boston Terrier puppy gets chilly even inside when the a/c gets low... she typically shivers if it's below 70. I have a little fleece jacket that covers her back and velcro's under the stomach and chest, which helps, but if it's chilly outside she does not like going on walks. When it's warm she loves running around in the grass with me so I'm pretty sure it's just the weather. Is she just too young to be taking out when it's cold? I am crate training her and need to get her energy out, but we live in an apartment so I rely on taking her out.

PS she is on a harness and leash.

Asked by Jane on Oct 18th 2012 Tagged bostonterrier, puppy, crate, energy, training, outside, cold, chilly, grass, walk, harness, leash in Exercise & Play
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Get her a sweater. Surprisingly Walmart or any pet store have them in all different sizes...I have a hairless chinese crested, and while I always thought dogs looked silly dressed in clothes she needs them to be comfortable, and it sounds like your dog does too.

Cleo answered on 10/18/12. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer