How old should my pup be to meet other dogs and go on walks?

I'm getting my new puppy soon as some of you know and I want to know when I should get my dog and my friends and families dogs to meet her. She's going to be 8 weeks when i get her and i know she can't meet other dogs for a few months right? Can i take my puppy on a walk? I know I will figure these things when i get her and see the vet or from the breeder but I'm very excited! If I can't take my dog on a walk when she's about 8 weeks or a little older i can put her in a doggy bag and take her outside right? Because she can't catch anything when she not on the ground right?? I want my dog to see the outside world besides my backyard. Can she go places where other dogs have been before? Like the beach or some place like that? I'm sorry I'v been asking a lot of questions. Thank-you for your help!

Asked by Enzo on Sep 2nd 2009 Tagged outside, puppy, walks, places, newpuppy, afewweeksold, otherdogs, meeting in Exercise & Play
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Do not go anywhere except for a short walk down your street. Your dog needs ALL shots before meeting other dogs, or going public places.

Talk to your vet about when your dog can go out. Paw mail me for anything else.

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Jet answered on Sep 2nd.

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McKenzie May McWoofen

usually they are around 3 months before they have all their shot and are able to be socialized. if you have your pup come in contact any sooner with other dogs he may contract a virus/disese that he may have been able to fight off if he was older. its always safest to wait.

McKenzie May McWoofen answered on 9/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


It is perfectly fine for your puppy to meet other dogs, in fact essential. However, you must be very careful that it is only healthy, well cared for dogs. if your friends and family keep their dogs up to date on shots, fine. If not, avoid them.

The period between 6-12 weeks is a dangerous time. One sniff where a sick dog relieved itself in the last 6 months can bring on parvo or another life threatening disease. Fail to expose it to strangers, including men, women, children, noise, etc. and you could end up with a misfit you can't take out in public. They also need continuing contact with other dogs, but it must be limited to ones you know are getting good care. See www.apdt.com
and www.akc.org

The risk of disease isn't over at 12 weeks, but the best chance to socialize the puppy is.

Aster answered on 9/2/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


I don't know where you live but here in England puppies have there first jab at 8 weeks, second at 10 weeks then they stay in for one or two weeks, then they can start going out for short walks.
Like someone esle as said your puppy can meet other dogs if they have had all there jabs/boosters, never let your puppy meet dogs that haven't !!
You can take your puppy out and about BUT he/she must be held and not put down on the ground untill all jabs are complete.
Hope this helps

Star answered on 9/3/09. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Scarlet, CGC

A safe place to take your puppy is a good puppy class at a good obedience school (not a pet store). They require all the puppies to have their age appropriate shots. Most schools have a play area where the puppies can play and socialize before/after class. The class will be good for both you and ur puppy too! Even if you know how to train and handle, it's a good experience for your puppy. Scarlet LUVS class night cuz she gets to go see all her puppy friends she's made!!! In my area, a once a week 8 week class is rite around $100. It's a small investment that will stay with ur pup throughout its life. Contact your local kennel club or ask your breeder (if in your area) which school they recommend.

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