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How much should I feed my 3 and a half months old German Shepherd puppy in a very hot and humid weather conditions.

I have a 3 months old German Shepherd. I was feeding him three times a day but it is very hot and humid here nowadays and my friend told me that i should only feed him two times a day. So that he wont get sick like doing vomiting or get diarrhea and he said that for breeds like German Shepherd who are more suitable for cold weather it is essential to feed them less in hot weather. I don't know whether i should feed him two times only because i think this is his growing age and he should be fed at least 3 times a day. Anyway working on his advice I reduced his meals from 3 to 2. And after few hours of taking his meal his stomach gets so thin and I feel that maybe i have made a wrong decision, but he is more active and playful and he showed no signs of weakness... To make it more clear about the weather conditions i should tell you that i am living in Lahore, Pakistan. Please help me out. he was getting 1 Glass of milk and 1.5 slices of bread in each meal and now only 2 meals Same amount

Asked by Kimbo on Jul 25th 2010 Tagged puppy, food, weather, meals, ammount in Other Food & Nutrition
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Okay, that is hot and humid. I thought it was bad here (95-100, high humidity)
Your freind's advise is fine for a dog, NOT a growing puppy.
Larger dogs can be prone to Bloat, a frequently fatal condition caused by eating dry food, once a day and eating too fast, so feeding more often is much better.
A German Shepherd needs to have 3 meals for the first year. If he is uncomfortable eating when hot, split the mid day into 2 smaller portions. I don't know what food he's getting, how big he's expected to get, or how much you were feeding before you cut one meal out. Example:If he was eating a total of 3 cups a day, then he should continue to get 3 cups into adulthood. When he drops the mid day meal split his food so he gets 1.5 cups AM & PM.

A kiddie pool or large container of water can cool him off, encourage him to be active early and late when it's not 107 degrees! 107! yikes

Pepper answered on Jul 25th.

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I would go back to feeding him 3 or more times a day. take his daily ration & divide it up. At 3 months proper nutrition is vital as you pup is growing in both body & mind. If he looks too thin to you, then he needs to eat. It can get over 30C here & I have 2 gsds. Vomiting & diarhea are not related to how often a dog eats, but rather what he eats! Please follow your instincts.

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If you mean regular cows milk and regular bread, I personally do not think that is a good, balanced diet for a growing GSD. I would try to find some already prepared kibble, otherwise, go to the home cooking forum and get some help there. He needs more meat and protein than just bread and milk will provide... his food should be mostly meat at this age. I also agree he should ideally be eating three times a day... you can spread his meals so he get them when the day is cooler as in early morning and late evening. Good luck with him!!!

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