How much Frontline Plus do I put on a small dog?

Hello, I brought the Frontline Plus for Large Dogs 89-132lbs. I have two large dogs and three small ones. I am going to open a tube and apply it to the small dogs, but I want to be sure I apply the correct amount. I would appreciate any help.
Thanks, Sheri

Asked by Member 514743 on Oct 13th 2007 in Pet Products
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America spends billions of dollars on dangerous flea products each year and are unknowingly poinsoning themselves and their companion animals. There are a lot safe, environmentally friendly ways to keep fleas away. Frontline and Advantage have to be the most popular. The active ingredients in these products have caused serious health problems in animals in laboratories. Even some of the inactive ingredients can be hazardous. Powders, collars, and sprays are no less dangerous. Labels will warn you not to get it on your skin, wash hands thouroughly after using, and to keep away from children, yet all these chemicals are being absorbed into your dogs skin! Immediate effects of pesticide overdose include vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures, and respiratory problems. If your dog shows any of these signs, immediately wash the product off and seek veterinary attention. In addition to being hazardous to our pets, these products are tested on animals in labs.

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Hi Sheri,

There should be details online for the dosage for small dogs. You could also call the store you purchased it from for advice, or the vet. Most likely, a vet technican will let you know over the phone what the correct dosage is.

I do agree that Frontline isn't the best solution to fleas. Sometimes, a good flea comb keeps them controlled just as well, if you use it twice a day.

Recently, people have been reporting an increase in allergic reactions to Frontline, specifically Frontline Plus, as well as an ineffectiveness against fleas. The fleas, it seems, are growing immune to the pesticide in the products. In fact, my own vet said that she's seen about 30 patients who have fleas despite weekly applications of Frontline, so she's sure it is virtually ineffective, at least in certain areas.

Bummer, huh?

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I would not apply it to the smaller dogs, I would go and buy the box that is appropriate for their weight. You will not be able to dose each dog correctly with 1 tube for large dogs.

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