How much food should I be feeding my 5 week old Labs?

They are still eating small amount from Mother. But I was wondering how much Iams they should be eating. The bag only has by weight. I would thinking since they are pups, they need more then a grown dog. So I thought I would ask the dogster club and see what your experiences were. I read you should always have food and water out and that they can not eat too much...

Thank You

Asked by Lucy on Oct 19th 2007 in Pet Food
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I have had several litter of foster puppies that came to me around the age of 5-weeks. I fed them Iams, because that's what they ate at the shelter.

My bag has a chart that considers age and weight. For 6-11wks, it says a 3 pound pup should be getting 1 cup. A 5 pound pup should be getting 1 1/3 cup. It seems like a LOT of food, but because of the fillers in Iams, dogs have to eat a lot of it to get adequate nutrition out of it.

You might have to moisten the dry food with warm water (a lot of water) and then mix in a little canned food if they seem reluctant to eat it.

Jasmine answered on 10/19/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


At five weeks old, your puppies are still too young to be completely weaned from the mother. Pups should be weaned at 6 to 7 weeks old.

Feeding requirements really vary by puppy. If you have a scale, you should weigh the puppies frequently. Lab pups should gain about 150grams in weight each day. If they are not increasing, increase their food. If they are increasing too much, decrease the food.

Never leave the food out all day. You will want to feed six small meals throughout the day to help prevent digestion issues and bloat (which can be deadly). You should feed six meals a day until 2 months old.

Please don't feed them Iams. Iams is some of the worst quality food available at the store. Please consider a higher quality, grain-free food like Orijen or Merrick's. Puppies will also need a puppy formula food that is high in protein and calcium.

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