how much food does a 3mo Miki need? Also any advice on crate training?

I have a rare breed Miki puppy born on 9/30/12. I have only had her for a few days. She is a very sweet puppy. Pees and poops outside for the most part, but I am trying to get her to sleep through the night instead of needing to pee and poop in the middle of the night or needing to play at night. Everyone has told me to crate train. I have had her in a crate for two nights now. Each night I put her in there around midnight and take her out around 6:30 am, walk her and feed her. She has pooped and peed in the crate. Also, she wimpered and cried most of both nights. How many nights will it take for her to like the crate and not cry? When I go to put her in, she immediately tries to get out. I put her bed in there and some pee pads. She now does not like her bed (associates with the crate?) Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Asked by Member 1147368 on Dec 30th 2012 Tagged food, cratetraining in Crate Training
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You can feed her in the crate, with the door open. Throw toys in it, with the door open. Throw treats in it, with the door open. That way she associates the crate with good things. She will cry for a few nights, until she gets used to your routine. I slept next to Kali & Koby's crate the first week, so they bonded with me. Divide the crate in half, by putting her bed on one half and some pee pads or newspaper on the other half. She's had a big change and she probably misses her litter-mates and mother, so I wouldn't worry too much about the accidents she has right now. I would continue to take her out like you do and make a huge deal out of it when she goes outside. As she gets older, I would extend her time before she goes out about 15 minutes, ex. take her out at 11:45pm, then 11:30pm, 11:15pm etc. My dogs first & last potty is @ 6:30am and 10pm. She sounds like she's very smart, so if you just have some more patience, she will get it and you will end up with a great dog. Good Luck

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Couldn't have said it better myself Kali.

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A crate uses the premise that a dog will not soil their sleeping area. By putting pee pads in her crate you are training her TO use her sleeping area as a bathroom.
If she is peeing/pooping in the crate during the night it is most likely too big for her. It needs to be just big enough for her to stand up and turn around, no bigger. Put an old towel in there for her to sleep on.
At three months old it is unlikely that her bladder is mature enough to allow her to go from midnight to 6:30 without needing to go takes time to train her to hold it as well so most likely, you are expecting way too much too soon.
I would suggest a smaller crate with just an old towel in it, and set your alarm to get her outside about every two to three hours. Don't play with her for these potty breaks, just outside, praise when she goes and right back to the crate. She will stop crying as soon as she realizes it doesn't get her out.
I would keep her tethered to you during the day OR in her c

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