How much aspirin can you give an 80 pound dog?

Asked by Member 540781 on Dec 5th 2007 Tagged aspirin, dog in Health & Wellness
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First of all, take your dog to the vet for whatever it is that you think the dog needs aspirin to treat. The vet can help you safely treat whatever the problem may be. Human drugs can be extremely toxic for dogs, so please DO NOT give your dog anything without specifically asking your vet about safety and dosage.

Personally, I am not a believer in do-it-yourself dog doctoring.

Shinji answered on 12/5/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer

Makia 1996-2008

Be very careful when giving your dog human medicine as it can be toxic if given too much. Here is a link to help you decide on your course of action. I do give my dog Makia Aspirin once in awhile as she does have arthritis very bad. She weighs 86 lbs and I make sure she doesn't get more than 5 mg per pound of body weight. I did check with her vet first and had a long discussion about the pros and cons. Good luck.

Makia 1996-2008 answered on 12/6/07. Helpful? Yes/Helpful: No 0 Report this answer


Do not use Tylenol in place of real aspirin, do not use coated aspirin. I agree that 5mg per pound is acceptable every 12 hours. Make sure to grind it up and put it with some food to prevent upset stomach.

I prefer to go to the vet and get Rimadyl as opposed to aspirin, but it will help for short term use.

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